Border Disc

A tractor-mounted implement is ideal for your farm to make Field Boundaries. Temporary irrigation ridges and Levies for Checking Soil and Water Erosion.

Key Features of Cultivator :

  • It can also be used for earthing up the plants sown in rows like Potatoes, Sugar Cane, etc, to ensure a better root system.
  • The size and shape of bunds/ridges can be varied simply by repositioning the disc clamps on the toolbar and rotating the disc bodies relative to the clamps.


Best Border Disc in Pakistan: Functions, Design and Benefits


Al Qasim Agro Engineering is at the top of the list in field of modern, agriculture machinery/zari machinery in Pakistan. The Border Disc prepared by Al-Qasim Agro Engineering are known as Best Border disc in Pakistan due to its high quality and durability. Border disc, is a tractor-mounted implement specifically designed for creating field boundaries. It is a specialized tool that helps farmers establish clear and defined edges between fields. Here’s some information about the border disc implement:

Border disc price in Pakistan
Border disc price in Pakistan

Function: The primary function of a border disc implement is to cut through the soil and create a clean and visible separation between fields. It is particularly useful for breaking up compacted soil and removing vegetation along the field boundary.

Design: A border disc implement consists of a set of concave metal discs mounted on a frame. The number of discs can vary depending on the specific model and requirements. These discs rotate as the implement is pulled by a tractor, cutting through the soil and vegetation.

Adjustability: Many border disc implements offer adjustability in terms of disc angle and depth. This allows farmers to customize the cutting action based on their field conditions, soil type, and desired field boundary width.

Mounting: Border disc implements are typically mounted on the rear of a tractor using a three-point hitch system

Benefits: Using a border disc implement offers several benefits. It creates a clear and visible field boundary, helping with field organization, navigation, and management. The implement also helps in controlling weeds and vegetation along the boundary, reducing encroachment into adjacent fields. Additionally, it promotes water drainage along the boundary, minimizing waterlogging issues.

Considerations: When using a border disc implement, it’s essential to consider factors such as soil condition, field terrain, and the presence of underground utilities. It’s recommended to survey the area beforehand to ensure safe operation and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.


Overall, this implement is a valuable tool for farmers looking to establish well-defined field boundaries. It provides efficiency and precision in creating distinct edges between fields, contributing to effective farm management practices. No doubt, Al Qasim Agro Engineering No.1 choice in the field of modern farm machinery in Pakistan.


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